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Silver Gold into Cash is a site managed by 5 Initials Ltd. We are a manufacturing and retailing company which recycles all scrap and unwanted jewellery items sent by you into new jewellery. We have been manufacturing in UK since 2002 and the company retails under the brand “Celeste London” in United Kingdom. We buy gold and silver jewellery because most of the jewellery that is bought in this way is melted down to create new gold and silver items which are sold under our retail brand and also supplied to many high street shops and boutique.We have a constant demand for gold therefore, we offer the best prices in the market for your jewellery and articles.


We buy all gold Jewellery and articles including non hallmarked and foreign Gold. We also buy Jewellery and articles in Platinum, Palladium and Silver. All you have to do is apply online and send your gold to us and we'll settle your gold sale within 1-2 working days of receipt. As a leading name for Selling Gold jewellery, we offer Cash for Gold and Sell broken Gold as well. We also offer the Best price for scrap Gold and Cash for unwanted Gold.

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Todays Gold Silver and Platinum prices

  Price per Gram
Gold 9 Carat £11.12
Gold 14 Carat £17.29
Gold 18 Carat £22.25
Gold 22 Carat £27.15
925 Silver £0.12
950 Platinum £18.10

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