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To sell your scrap Gold call Silver Gold Into Cash on 020- 8751 1768 or visit our office for fast and friendly servise and for no obligation quote!! We’re waiting for your call.


Sell Gold in Hounslow

Selling gold these days has become much easier and quicker than ever, but you need to make the right decision when choosing the right gold buyers. Selecting Silver Gold Into Cash ensures you will get the best deal around; pure and simple your scrap gold is worth money! It isn’t rubbish or a nuisance, old gold has value.


Your gold items may have been a precious gift from years ago but now have lost their lustre or glow, but they are still of value. Perhaps items are damaged, or have pieces missing they are still viable to be valued. Thankfully for many this extra cash from old gold can come in very handy for all kinds of situations and even to buy new items or to turn old gold into a new custom pieces of gold jewellery. Either way, Silver Gold Into Cash in Hounslow are your ideal choice, as we both buy gold and can have new bespoke gold items designed for you. 


Selling gold isn’t complicated

Now that it’s easier to sell gold, it doesn’t mean that the process is less secure or professional.  In fact we really care a lot about your gold even if it is scrap, it is precious to our team of skilled valuers and appraisers.  Each piece, however broken or tarnished is valued at the best price available. Everything has been taken into consideration and the selling process has been designed to make it down-to-earth and straightforward.


You can call us now on 020 8751 1768 to book an appointment to see us at our office for a no obligation instant quote. We will attend to you individually and go through the entire process with you in your own time in the comfort and privacy of our office. All the articles will be tested and weighed in front of you and we will pay you cash instantly. Alternatively, you can request a free Special delivery envelope via this website which is delivered back to us by next working day from the date you post it. We make sure that your gold is insured for posting so as to give you peace of mind and added protection. After all, even though your gold is old and damaged it is worth making sure each piece, however small, is covered. We take all sorts of bits and pieces of gold and it all adds up. We don’t take any kind of costume jewellery or gemstones, except diamonds of a certain quality.  Once we receive your insured envelope, Silver Gold Into Cash Hounslow then gets our team to check and test your gold items to give you a great price.  Please see our FAQs for more information on secure posting.


Get the best price for scrap gold London

To make life easier it will save you a lot of unnecessary time and stress to select our gold buying company; we will make your scrap gold selling journey as hassle free as possible. No need to go searching and trawling the internet and phone books. Instead we have prepared a speedy and stress free method for you to sell your scrap gold, so make the most of it and give us a phone call or email us instead. We are waiting to answer any questions you may have if you need any further reassurance or have any specific questions to ask. Selling scrap gold is a really important decision to make and we fully understand that you may have queries that need answering, so we are happy to help in any way we can.

Request Your Free Gold/Silver/Platinum Envelope!

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Todays Gold Silver and Platinum prices

  Price per Gram
Gold 9 Carat £11.12
Gold 14 Carat £17.29
Gold 18 Carat £22.25
Gold 22 Carat £27.15
925 Silver £0.12
950 Platinum £18.10

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