Make it or Sell it Home

We can send a free post insured envelope for you to return to us for a valuation of your scrap gold. Phone Silver Gold Into Cash London on 020-87511768 for more information.


Turn gold into cash

Scrap gold in your possession can actually just be money waiting to be collected. We pride ourselves on offering sellers excellent prices on old gold or unwanted gold pieces. You may have forgotten some old gold or have just rediscovered some gold jewellery and pieces? Either way there is cash waiting for you from a London based gold buying company. Don’t live in London? That’s fine as we welcome scrap gold sellers from all over the UK; you can contact us by phone or online.


Selling scrap gold is as easy as one two three

Gold over the centuries has held a fascination for many and been used for many purposes, jewellery, decoration and adornment. Gold also is mined all over the world such as in South Africa, the US, China and even in the UK. Wherever it has come from or its uses, scrap gold has still the same interest and enjoyment today.


Silver Gold Into Cash values your gold pieces of all shapes and sizes and offers best value prices even if it is damaged, tarnished or has missing pieces. Broken gold jewellery and items can mean money in your pocket instead of in a drawer or jewellery box. Choose an easy option that doesn’t cause heartache and headaches; contact us for a speedy and secure service. 


Professional gold buyers

Being expert scrap gold buyers means everything in today’s competitive marketplace. Therefore, be assured we offer great prices in record time once we have received you insured free post envelope; we offer a free valuation within 2 days of receipt.


Real scrap gold; Really good offers

If all of your gold is real gold and not gold plate or costume jewellery we can provide a swift expert valuation. Gold chains, gold pins, rings, gold bracelets, earrings or gold clips are some examples off what we accept. If unsure check out our FAQs or call or email us for a speedy and friendly response. We aim to give you a great valuation even if you’re not sure of your scrap gold’s worth due to damage or lost bits. Our staff care about what they do and the valuations they give are always based on tests and checks carried out once we receive your gold rather than ad hoc guesses. Select a company that has a passion for gold buying; Silver Gold Into Cash Hounslow.


Selling your gold is quite a simple process and our customer service is always waiting to help whether by phone or email. We are happy to answer any questions you may have or we can send out our free post envelope so you can get started on the process of finding out how much your scrap gold is worth. If you have scrap gold to sell in the London area or around the country we can help out. No need to wait another day to discover how much cash your gold is worth we are waiting to hear from you.

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Todays Gold Silver and Platinum prices

  Price per Gram
Gold 9 Carat £11.12
Gold 14 Carat £17.29
Gold 18 Carat £22.25
Gold 22 Carat £27.15
925 Silver £0.12
950 Platinum £18.10

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